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will filming interrupt business

Will video production interrupt business?

Video marketing is a fantastic way to promote your business. It is a powerful tool that can help to raise the business’ profile.

When deciding on whether to go for a video production as part of your marketing strategy, considering whether or not it will interrupt with your working day can be a deciding factor. When we plan the production of a video, we work with business managers and owners to decide when is the best time to film so that it causes as little disruption as possible.
Most of the time, filming can be over within a day. The average film shoot for a business is usually about four hours so it doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. When we come along to your business premises to film, the crew can get on with the filming themselves while the business owners can carry on with their work.

We work around a business so that filming can take place in the hours that re most appropriate. It may be the case that a certain aspect of the business needs to be filmed, like a shipment taking place for example. If this takes places at a particular time, then we would schedule it in to film at that time so that the filming fits in with the business and not the other way round.

Careful planning goes into a video production so that it works around the business. Filming can take place while the business is in operation if that is suitable or it can go ahead after work hours if this is more beneficial.

Video production doesn’t have to interrupt business. It can be a viable part of a business’ marketing strategy and a very powerful one.

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10 reasons to use video in your marketing strategy

Here are 10 reasons to use video in your marketing strategy. Video is a versatile medium that can be utilised by any business.

1. ! Google owns Youtube so a video on the site helps with your Google rankings.
2. ! Videos attract new & relevant traffic to your site.
3. ! They get across your message quickly.

4. ! They use visuals & sound to engage people & enhance your website.

5. ! 4 billion videos are viewed a day. internet users watch a lot of

6. ! Videos boost your SEO.

7. ! It gives people confidence in you when they can see the product, service
& you for themselves.

9. ! Youtube gets over 800 million visitors each month – you can attract new traffic to your site.